GoButler Announces Key Strategic Hires From Apple, Yahoo! & Google

Nov. 1, 2015, 9 a.m.

GoButler, the on-demand, digital personal assistant service, today announces the hiring of key engineering and product team under the leadership of CEO & Founder Navid Hadzaad. With extensive backgrounds in the mobile platform and backend development spaces working for companies including Apple, Yahoo!, Zendesk and Google, these strategic executive hires strengthen GoButler’s existing internal engineering team, providing support for major upcoming product launches.

With the hiring of these key team members, GoButler further validates its promise to provide the ultimate digital personal assistant service to its users, developing and refining its product to make every-day requests easier. The expansion of the New York-based engineering team serves to continue the development and innovation of GoButler’s Human Assisted AI (HAAI) platform, the seamless integration between its AI technology and its internal operations associates, in order to further automate and streamline user requests in the future.

“We are excited to welcome our newest engineering and product leaders, all of whom we’re thrilled made the move from Silicon Valley to New York to join this exciting opportunity. With extensive backgrounds in the AI, NLP (natural language processing), mobile and backend development spaces, their combined expertise will allow us to continue building out our mobile products, augmenting our technology to provide a more streamlined user experience,” said GoButler CEO & Founder Navid Hadzaad.

“With the hiring of Tim, Ivan and Mohammed, we are furthering our commitment to develop innovative and amazing products that our customers will love. GoButler is fundamentally changing the way consumers access products, services and information, and we’re happy to have these experts on the team to foster our continued growth.”

As the on-demand and digital assistant industries gain momentum, GoButler’s recent hiring further demonstrates its market leadership.

With more than 15 years experience working for companies including Yahoo!, Google and Zendesk, Tim Sturge joins the GoButler team as the Head of Engineering, running all internal operations related to implementing, designing and scaling back and frontend products. Sturge began his career as one of the first engineers on My Yahoo!, running the core services of login and registration. He worked as a Lead Engineer for Metaweb Technologies and hi5 Networks before joining Google as a Staff Software Engineer developing F1, the next generation database infrastructure underlying Adwords. Prior to GoButler, Sturge was Director of Engineering at Zendesk, leading the backend engineering team responsible for developing the platform. Successful projects included database sharing, high reliability, multi-datacenter architecture, real-time search and product analytics services. During his tenure, Zendesk traffic grew more than 20x. Sturge holds a Masters from University of Michigan.

Ivan Lee joins GoButler as Head of Product, managing the company’s mobile strategy across multiple platforms. Following his graduation from Stanford, Lee co-founded Loki Studios, a mobile gaming studio. During his time as CEO, his team created a location-based game called Geomon, achieving profitability with over 1 million downloads before the company was acquired by Yahoo! in 2013. Following Loki Studios’ acquisition, Lee worked as an Associate Product Manager for Yahoo! before his promotion to Product Manager on Y! Mobile, a reimagined mobile search experience. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Mohammed Abdoolcarim joins the GoButler team as Senior Product Manager, Platforms, bringing his experience working on Siri and Google Desktop to assist in the growth of the company’s backend platforms. Abdoolcarim grew up in Hong Kong and has pursued his passion for product design throughout his career. Starting at Google in 2004, he led the Adwords team before moving into the mobile phone space. In 2008, Abdoolcarim joined the Siri team as their first lead product manager. He launched Siri in 2010 as an app on the iPhone before getting acquired by Apple, debuting Siri as the first automated personal assistant on the iPhone 4S. After working on Siri at Apple, he joined the Misfit Wearables software team as Product Head, launching the Misfit Shine to consumers. He received a B.S. in Product Design, Engineering and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

About GoButler

Founded in February 2015, GoButler is a messaging-based, on-demand service that operates as a digital personal assistant, using Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence (HAAI) to fulfill requests 24/7, 365 days a year. GoButler takes the time and inconvenience out of everyday tasks, fulfilling on-demand requests, from food delivery and travel bookings to restaurant reservations and more. GoButler searches the web, compares prices, reads reviews and orders, using the best services at the most reasonable costs. The service saves users valuable time, getting them the things they need, when they want them, all conveniently via text message. To start, simply text GO to 25400. GoButler is currently available nationwide in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For additional details or to sign up for the service, please visit www.gobutler.com.