Why are you launching the new app version with flights-only?

After looking at over a year of customer data, we decided to pivot our product from an “everything” assistant to an automated service. We’ve always put a long-term bet on automation, and we decided to explore this option now so we can focus on our product and technology. Our first vertical -- flight search & discovery -- will be the first of many to provide conversational commerce using NLP, speaking the language of our users to search for flights, with a booking function following shortly thereafter.

Why would I use GoButler instead of looking for flights myself online?

GoButler uses a unique, proprietary algorithm in conjunction with Priceline’s API to source and rank flights at the best value (in regards to time and money spent) for your requested date(s) and location.

Can you guarantee that you’re finding the cheapest/best flights for me?

Though we don’t necessarily source the “cheapest” flights, our backend system works to source and rank flights at the best value (in regards to time and money spent) for your requested date(s) and location. We make it easier by giving you limited options and only showing you flights you’d actually want to take. Your time is valuable, and we want to save you time when searching for flights.

I need to cancel my flight. Are you able to refund me for my travel dates/time/destination?

GoButler cannot offer refunds directly, as they are subject to approval by individual airlines. Please contact the airline for information on how to cancel your flight and to receive a refund.

I found a lower rate for a flight I booked. Will GoButler give me a refund for the difference?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer partial refunds for the difference if you find a cheaper flight. Flight prices fluctuate hour-by-hour and it’s impossible for us to know if prices will drop in the days/hours following a purchase.

Who is the flights feature targeted towards?

GoButler’s flights feature is targeted towards business travelers, agents and personal assistants, but it is simple to use by all types of travelers. We want to provide a service that’s easy to use, giving our users an easy way to search and book their flights for business trips.

Why is it automated?

We wanted to provide the easiest, most streamlined experience for our users. We automated the flights feature to provide them with a quick and easy way to search and discover flights, all with the click of a few buttons, in the natural language of our users.

How is it automated?

GoButler has partnered with Priceline, using their API to source flights from around the world. Our AI uses natural language processing (NLP), speaking the language of our users to search and discover flights within the U.S. and beyond.

Where is it available?

The GoButler app is only available in the U.S.

Does the flights feature cost anything to use?

No, searching for flights through GoButler is free. There are no additional costs associated with using our platform outside of the cost of the flight itself.

How do you select which flights to show? Are you receiving commission from X airline/company [Priceline, American, etc.] to show specific flights?

Our flights feature uses a unique algorithm to source flights based on user preferences. We do not receive commissions from Priceline or specific airlines to only show those flight options to you.

How many people can I book the flight for? Can I do the booking for more than 1 person?

Yes, you can book flights for up to 8 passengers. To book for more than 1 person, simply type in the number of travelers when texting GoButler. We’ll take care of the rest.

How many times can I use the flight feature?

You can use the flight feature as many times as you like! To restart the feature, simply click “Start over.”

Can I get a refund if I book the wrong flight by accident?

Unfortunately, GoButler cannot provide refund for booking a wrong flight. Please contact the airline or Priceline for assistance with your refund (subject to airline/Priceline ticket policy).

Do you share my credit card with a third party to purchase the flights?

GoButler never shares your credit card with a third party. In fact, GoButler never receives your full credit card details, as all information is encrypted and securely transmitted by Priceline when purchasing flights. Your security is of utmost importance to us, and we ensure that your information is never shared.

Why should I use the flights feature? Is it really easier?

Yes - this flights feature is much easier to use than a traditional search engine. Instead of wasting precious time waiting for a travel agent or personal assistant to find and booking flights, GoButler searches and provides options within seconds. Users can discover flights using natural language, messaging in the same way as a they normally would when emailing or texting their travel agent.

How can I change a flight?

To change a flight, please contact the airline directly and they will be able to assist with your flight change. Change fees may apply.

How can I cancel the airline ticket?

To cancel a flight, please contact the airline directly and they will be able to assist you. Cancellation fees may apply.

Why does my booking confirmation email come from Priceline?

When booking a flight, you will receive an email from Priceline with confirmation of the booking and your flight itinerary, as we use Priceline for all booking. For additional help, please contactsupport@gobutler.com.

How far in advance can I book a flight?

Flight bookings are subject to the individual airlines, which release tickets 330 days prior to travel.

How long does it take for me to get a refund on a flight booking?

Refunds are at the discretion of the airline. Please contact them directly to receive a refund for a flight booking (fees may apply).

I never received my flight itinerary. Can you help?

Please contact us at support@gobutler.com for assistance.

There is an incorrect name on the ticket. How can I change that?

To change an incorrect name on a ticket, please contact the booked airline directly. There is often a fee associated with changing a name on a booking.

Will you send me through a mobile boarding pass?

You must check in directly through the airline to receive a mobile boarding pass. We are unable to send you one at this time.

What is the phone number to call the airline to change my flight/ask question/etc.?

Please visitwww.tollfreeairline.comfor your airline phone number. Alternatively search your Contact DB as it may have already been added via the app.

Can I talk to someone on the phone about my flight booking? Who do I call?

Please contact Priceline or the airline to discuss your flight booking. For any questions related to the app, please contact support@gobutler.com.

The app wasn’t able to process my transaction for XX reason. Can you help?

Please contact us via support@gobutler.com so we can troubleshoot with you directly.

I didn’t get a response when I requested (flight date, roundtrip, one way, two passengers, specific destination). Is there something wrong with the app?

Thank you for reaching out about this problem within the app. We will look into this ASAP and get back to you.

Is there a way to transfer my ticket to someone else?

Please contact the airline directly for ticket transfers. Transfer fees may apply.

Can I get my confirmation booking to an email other than the one I have on file?

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we’re unable to send your confirmation email to any email not associated with your account. Please change the email on your account settings prior to booking to have your itinerary sent to another email.

What happens if my flight gets delayed/cancelled? Does GoButler refund part/all of my flight?

Unfortunately, GoButler cannot refund part or all of your flight due to delays and cancellations. Rebooking and refunds are at the discretion of the airlines and dependent on current weather and airport conditions.

Does the app provide push notifications reminding me to check in to my flight? Can you send me a reminder to check in to my flight?

No, at this time we do not have the ability to provide push notifications to remind you to check in to your flight.

I used the app to find flights earlier and there was a great rate. I went back later and now that flight isn’t available. Can you book me on the previous flight?

Unfortunately, we do not set prices for flights, and cannot offer you the same flight price as before. We recommend you call the airline directly to see if that rate is still available.

Why would I use the app versus another company’s app (such as Kayak, United, American, etc.)?

GoButler offers the ultimate convenience for our users, in the natural language they speak, using a messaging-based interface. The average person spends 6-10 hours researching for travel before booking. GoButler’s mission is give you back that time, offering you real time flights, based on your preferences and travel selections. We provide you with a more targeted list of flights, allowing you to search and book more quickly and efficiently.

I have an iPhone. Will the app work?

Yes, this version is currently only available for iOS.

How much is the app?

GoButler is free to download. Data rates vary by market and carrier.

How do I sign up for GoButler on the app?

To begin, download GoButler from the App Store. After pressing “Get Started” on the welcome screen, enter your name, followed by your cell phone number. You will receive a verification code shortly thereafter. After entering the four-digit verification code (and upon acceptance from the waitlist, if applicable), you can begin conversing with GoButler to search for flights.

How do I text within the app?

Upon opening the app, users will be brought automatically to a screen that shows an easy-to-use messaging platform. From this interface, users can text directly with GoButler to search and book flights, all at the click of a button.

Is the app secure? Can I trust it with my data (credit cards, etc.)?

Yes, the app is secure. All bookings processed through the app use authentication and encryption to make sure user data is 100% safe and secure. Additionally, payment/credit card information is not stored on the app. When processing a transaction, GoButler never receives your full credit or debit card number, ensuring your financial data is safe and secure.

How do you process payments through the app?

Booking for flights is handled directly through Priceline, using their booking flow and authentication to complete the transaction.

Is the new app linked to my GoButler SMS account?

No, we have paused our SMS feature for the near future.

What happens if I change my phone number?

Contact us to update your profile at support@gobutler.com to notify us of the change ahead of time.

How can I change my email address on the app?

To change your email in the GoButler app, go to your user profile and change your email address manually. This will update it in your account.

I have an Apple Watch. Can I use GoButler on it?

No, the GoButler app is no longer compatible with Apple Watch.

I have the app on my iPhone and my Apple Watch. Do they work together?

No. Due to the recent updates of our iOS app, you will no longer be able to use your Apple Watch to interact with GoButler.